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Prompt Roof Repairs from Trustworthy Pros

The repair crews at David Fries Roofing have the most experience in roofing in the company. We pride ourselves on not overselling people on what you might need; if the roof repair is needed, we will do what we need to get that roof fixed and with no upcharge. We are not trying to upsell you, because we want to make sure that you get your roof repairs affordably. We have a 2-year warranty on repair work.

If you experience a leaky roof, call a trusted roofer right away. If we have already worked on your roof you are experiencing some issues, please call us so that we can come out to evaluate the roof on-site to locate the leak; this allows us to provide the best recommendations.

Hail and Tornado Damage

We advise you to call a roofer before calling the insurance company so that you know if there is damage or not. We will perform a storm damage inspection, and then if we find damage, we would advise calling the insurance company. This will allow us to help you determine if the insurance should cover the repair cost.

After you have called the insurance to file a claim, if needed, we would be happy to meet with your insurance adjuster to inspect the roof. If the inspector agrees with our assessment, we will schedule repair or replacement as need.

We schedule work as quickly as possible to get your roof back to normal. The warranty will be 5 years for the labor performed. Although we do not offer gutters and siding, we have a company that we would be happy to recommend to you for gutter installations and repairs.

Roof Tile Replacement

We are a seasoned company that has more roofing experience than most. All materials are installed by hand without the use of nail guns. You get better quality control. With nail guns, you may not get a high level of quality as whereas by hand nailing, it improves the quality of the work and is less prone to future workmanship issues.

Once we have done an initial inspection, we will provide a written estimate detailing the repair; the cost will not be changed for the homeowner, as our pricing is transparent. You can always count on us to uphold our reputation with high standards. Cost is based on individual estimates; call us today to learn more about roofing storm damage repairs.