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David Fries Roofing is here for you when you need roofing contractors for repair or replacement. As your go-to choice for a wide range of roofing services, we are proud to be your local option here in Norman, Oklahoma.

David Fries

David Fries, a lifelong Norman resident, began roofing in 1964. His commitment to a high standard of workmanship and low-pressure customer care has contributed to success for the company for decades. To maintain his high standards, he has elected not to expand significantly beyond Cleveland, McClain, and Oklahoma counties. In choosing to remain a local business, David is able to oversee each project effectively to ensure his company's reputation is not compromised. David's near half-century of experience in the roofing industry has allowed him to see many trends come and go. He adheres to a tried and true philosophy of using proven methods that have earned a top reputation among all area roofing contractors.

When not devoting time to his business, David enjoys sunsets viewed from his west Norman home and time spent with his wife Linda and their four grandchildren.

Michael Kimberling

David offered his stepson, Michael Kimberling, a job in 1988, while Michael was a starving OU college student. Even though that first job included babysitting a hot asphalt kettle, Michael remained with the company while he earned his degree, and he celebrated his 30th anniversary with David Fries Roofing in 2018. Michael is usually the first employee to meet new customers as he handles all the roof estimates for replacement or repair. His low-pressure salesmanship and knowledge of all aspects of roofing have endeared him to customers for years. In addition to roof estimates, he assists with scheduling crews and the day-to-day operations within the company. Michael shares David's business philosophy of putting customer service and satisfaction first and intends to continue to run the company when David retires. Even though Michael's zoology degree isn't necessarily used during estimates, it sure does come in handy if a customer has squirrels in the attic! Michael and his wife of over 20 years live on Norman's east side.

David Baker

David Baker has been a Norman resident since 1976; he has been a key component of David Fries Roofing since 1978. David is invaluable to the company, as he oversees all of the more challenging roof repairs as well as flat roof replacements and repairs. David Baker's years of roofing experience, along with a keen and creative mind, have established him as our go-to man for more complex, hard-to-diagnose roofing issues. On multiple occasions, David has found simple solutions to problems that thwarted other roofing companies, and frequently other co-workers. Specializing in sheet metal flashing installation, much of his custom work has been in place for decades. Chances are, if you have a hard-to-fix roof issue, you will need David Baker on your roof.

Interestingly, David's hobby is exotic reptiles — the breeding and raising of which he spends his time attending to when not on the job.

Efrain Losoya

Efrain Losoya, our shingle roof supervisor, celebrated his 20th anniversary with our company in 2015. Efrain's main duty is to oversee all re-shingle projects. He does not leave the job until it is completed both to the satisfaction of the homeowner, and to his high standards. There are often small projects within a roof replacement job that require a roofer with a great deal of experience, such as rotten decking boards or leaking chimney, and these details are frequently skipped or incorrectly repaired by un-supervised or less experienced shingle crews. Efrain's job is to ensure that everything is done right before we leave your home. His most valuable trait might be his quick humor and an infectious laugh; he is our company joker and keeps everyone's spirits up.